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LevelDetails class

Object representing parsed data from an HLS Media Playlist. Found in Level.details.


export declare class LevelDetails 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(baseUrl) Constructs a new instance of the LevelDetails class


Property Modifiers Type Description
advanced boolean
advancedDateTime? number (Optional)
age readonly number
ageHeader number
alignedSliding boolean
availabilityDelay? number (Optional)
averagetargetduration? number (Optional)
canBlockReload boolean
canSkipDateRanges boolean
canSkipUntil number
dateRanges Record<string, DateRange>
deltaUpdateFailed? boolean (Optional)
drift readonly number
driftEnd number
driftEndTime number
driftStart number
driftStartTime number
edge readonly number
encryptedFragments Fragment[]
endCC number
endSN number
fragmentEnd readonly number
fragmentHint? Fragment (Optional)
fragments Fragment[]
hasProgramDateTime readonly boolean
hasVariableRefs boolean
holdBack number
lastPartIndex readonly number
lastPartSn readonly number
levelTargetDuration readonly number
live boolean
m3u8 string
misses number
partEnd readonly number
partHoldBack number
partList Part[] | null
partTarget number
playlistParsingError Error | null
preloadHint? AttrList (Optional)
PTSKnown boolean
recentlyRemovedDateranges? string[] (Optional)
renditionReports? AttrList[] (Optional)
skippedSegments number
startCC number
startSN number
startTimeOffset number | null
targetduration number
totalduration number
tuneInGoal number
type string | null
updated boolean
url string
variableList VariableMap | null
version number | null


Method Modifiers Description