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Level class


export declare class Level 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(data) Constructs a new instance of the Level class


Property Modifiers Type Description
_attrs readonly LevelAttributes[]
attrs readonly LevelAttributes
audioCodec readonly string | undefined
audioGroupId readonly string | undefined
audioGroupIds? (string | undefined)[] (Optional)
bitrate readonly number
codecSet readonly string
details? LevelDetails (Optional)
fragmentError number
height readonly number
id readonly number
loaded? { bytes: number; duration: number; } (Optional)
loadError number
maxBitrate readonly number
name readonly string | undefined
pathwayId readonly string
realBitrate number
textGroupId readonly string | undefined
textGroupIds? (string | undefined)[] (Optional)
unknownCodecs readonly string[] | undefined
uri readonly string
url string[]
urlId number
videoCodec readonly string | undefined
width readonly number


Method Modifiers Description